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The new Ronnie admit there's Milan duo looting Inter For ultra cheap opt for the Balotelli

"A few months later, the opposite end of year we will see ..." when inquired on the transfer of Balotelli, Inter technical director Blanca says. "Slow motion" how the is only a smokescreen, the Nerazzurri the fact is already begun for this.

In accordance with the statement in the "slow motion", Inter Milan has actually been achieved with Balotelli agent Layiaola, ended up being involved, and commissioned Layiaola to inquire in to the attitude of one's Manchester aspects. However the transfer within the Sky TV experts Dumas Fazio revealed that Manchester City had been Balotelli directly into the transfer market, nonetheless "slow motion" the Mark Ingram Jersey Nerazzurri special needs: first leased during the summer time show them Balotelli, and try to get towards the buyout cost of only 20 million euros in "Super Mario" right of first refusal. Obviously, this request will definately make Manchester City is actually difficult to acknowledge, even so it was only a newbie.

"Slow motion" and also said that these times the battle belonging to the ballot would not appear the Milan derby. Regardless that there was many media reports AC Milan, Balotelli is really excited about "Super Mario" prior to leaving Inter Milan have repeatedly said the Milan fans, the difference is the Rossoneri cheap mls soccer jerseys go about doing not need to Balotelli has everything to make this happen is because Balotelli's transfer fee is high, and the second hand, because AC Milan don't want to the agent Layiaola in your squad the influence of too exaggerated. "Slow motion" that your real goal in AC Milan, Carlos Tevez, Adriano Galliani will continue our efforts to steer Manchester City cheap (or maybe zero price) release.

Will not compete for Balotelli, but Milan move to Derby will not disappear, for example the jump of year, Red Colombian striker Muriel they took a flowery to both Milan clubs, which Muriel confirmed. 20-year-old Muriel FRANKLIN Jersey last summer to venture to the Apennine Peninsula - joining Udinese, then was loaned to Lecce - only as few as one season will soar. Technology together with the imagination for the young striker has incredible speed, frequency, and explosive power are a whole lot more alarming, and calm while in front of there beyond what their age is, are definitely plus more experts could be Muriel and youth Ronaldo par. Last weekend Muriel just help Lecce massacre of Rome by using a magnificent performance, which allowed him that they are the prey of all the wealthy, Muriel I have got also made GERRARD Away Jersey no secret of. "I hope that day after the day's progress, I feel We're now in a good state, I constantly grow, keep adapt to Italian football transfer market? Now i target the effectiveness of Lecce, following your end of year I'll come back to Udinese nevertheless i know from my agent said, wealthy team like Inter Milan and AC Milan have put forward an official offer to Udinese. "Muriel himself within the interview by having a Colombian radio confirmed that we're now planning on just help Lecce to avoid relegation money, obviously I'm going to join one giving me the method, allowed AS ROMA Jersey me to prove that his talented team and we'll ensure time. "

Aside from Muriel, the same goal in Milan clubs Tottenham's Brazilian midfielder Sandro. Opportunity isn't a 23-year-old Sandro of the year at Tottenham, the Brazilian striker therefore a solution to a modification, Milan clubs september, exactly require the introduction of a strong young midfielder to achieve the replacing of old, so Corriere dello Sport, "said AC Milan and Inter Milan also took a fancy to Sandro will not be surprising. Has been said in to the Sandro worth between 12 million to fifteen million euros, so the fees are for Milan duo down acceptable.

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